Spousal Support

Spousal support, formerly known as alimony or palimony, is money paid from one spouse to another for the support and maintenance of the receiving spouse. There are guidelines used for temporary support and codified factors that the Court must consider at a final hearing for spousal support. Men as well as women may be entitled to spousal support.

Virginia courts have discretion when it comes to spousal support. A court can determine the amount of support, the duration of support, and the frequency of support. A party may also be entitled to a reservation of spousal support, where he or she does not currently need support, but many need to ask for it in the future.

Spousal support can be a very contentious issue. Strategy and preparation are the keys to success. Unless a manifest injustice would occur, the general rule is that if a spouse has committed adultery, he or she is barred from receiving spousal support.

We represent parties asking for spousal support, and we defend spousal support requests. We also assist parties in the modification of spousal support.

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